Board Of Advisors

Our Board of Advisors is a strong and balanced blend of top-level thinkers from diverse industries and backgrounds. Each member brings his or her own unique perspective to the table to help elevate the company vision and mission, create a vital revenue model, address community needs and expand global reach, all on behalf of our shareholders.

Greetings of peace & love, 

With the establishment of PT. Bima Indo Giantara engaged in the marketing of health products and beauty, then I fully support the efforts from the best brothers and sisters of this nation. Let us strive and work intelligently toward a prosperous life among others with the ability to create jobs field as possible. 

God bless.

Congratulations to PT. Bima Indo Giantara.


Guruh Soekarno Putra

Being a lawyer has been the dream of a Sahala Siahaan since in school. Sahala was born in Medan, on October 31 in 1969 ago. Sahala aged 45 years completing his studies at one of the universities in Jakarta, in the Faculty of Law of the University of Trisakti, and after finishing his education at the University of Trisakti he had an internship at the Legal Aid Post (Posbakum) established by the senior advocates like the late Yan Apul Girsang, SH. Not easy achievement to become a professional advocate, especially in Jakarta takes the process, struggle and proving to be done to arrive at this moment.

After Posbakum, Sahala who like to travel is also active in professional organizations such as the Association of Legal Counsel Indonesia (IPHI), Chairman IPHI Branch West Jakarta then Secretary DPD IPHI Jakarta, and the latter became Vice Chairman of the Council IPHI Jakarta and then a professional organization next namely the Congress of Indonesian Advocates (KAI). He currently serves as the Chief Executive of the DPP KAI since 2014 where he has served previously as well as the Chairman of the Council KAI Jakarta in 2010 until 2014.

Not only there, the eldest of 5 (five) brothers had followed the education curator in 2000. Until eventually opened his own law firm since 1998 under the name of Law Office Sahala Siahaan & Partners. Bigking Science would like to welcome Bp. Sahala Siahaan as legal counsel of Bigking Science Indonesia.

Sahala Siahaan, SH

Bigking Science would like to welcome Dr. I Ketut Gede Juniartha, who was born in Tabanan, Bali, 15 June 1964, graduated from Faculty of Medicine, University of Udayana, April 14, 1990 as a General Practitioner (herbalist).

His heart and dedication to the development of Bigking no doubt so far, traveling around the corners of Indonesia to introduce Bigking products to those in need is like life calling for Doctor Juniarta.

He wants the people of Indonesia healthier and also understand that Indonesia has a wealth of extraordinary nature so that it can produce powerful products in Bigking Science.

Go Healthy! Go Indonesia!

dr. I Gede Ketut Juniartha


PT Bima Indo Giantara
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